7 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Essential Oil Diffuser


7 Simple Steps to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser Hens Horses & HomesteadingHere are 7 simple steps to a clean diffuser!
First be sure to read the product guide and the manufacturer’s warranty paperwork for your specific diffuser. It’s important not to do anything that will void your warranty.
**ALWAYS make sure your diffuser is unplugged from its power source before attempting to clean it**
1. Fill your diffuser half way with clean water.
2. Add up 1/2 teaspoon of white vinegar to the diffuser.
3. Plug the diffuser in and let it run for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the water-vinegar mixture to disperse throughout the unit and loosen any build-up.
4. Turn off the diffuser, unplug the diffuser, and drain the diffuser completely.
5. Using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar (or witch hazel), gently clean the sensor and any tight spots to remove any gunk or oil build up.
6. Using a clean cloth, wipe out the inside of the diffuser.
7. Rinse with clean water, empty and gently dry again with a clean cloth.
That’s it! You now have a clean diffuser! 
*It’s ‘generally’ recommended to dump the water/oil from your diffuser and wipe it out after every use to help avoid any excessive oil residue from building up in the first place. Try to ‘deep’ clean it at least once a week, as suggested above. Again, refer to your specific diffuser’s product guide/warranty info. The cleaner you keep your diffuser, the longer it’ll last!

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