Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Horses and Smell Like Fall Hens Horses & HomesteadingI absolutely love Fall! It’s my favorite time of the year! I love how the sun plays softly on the meadow behind my ranch. The gorgeous pallete of colors wafting to the ground from soon-to-be sleeping trees, the crisp mornings and gentle afternoon breezes that tease of cooler weather ahead. But one of the things I love most are the smells associated with Fall: Pumpkin pie, warm spices, cinnamon…

Years ago I would use artificial products to make my home smell like Fall (that’s when I wasn’t enjoying the smell of those pumpkin pies baking in my oven!) I used to use unhealthy, chemical-laden  scented warmers, candles, air fresheners, plugins, room sprays, and those wax warmers to fill my home with the scent of fall.

Once I opened my eyes to what was really in those things; what we were allowing to permeate throughout our house and into our lungs, just for a ‘scent,’ I stopped using them. I found out I can get the beautiful smells of fall into my home without killing us in the process by using my doTERRA essential oils! They not only smell fantastic, but they also have great therapeutic benefits and are healthy for us to breathe – they’re 100% pure and natural! You can easily and affordably blend SO many beautiful doTERRA essential oils into amazing fall scents without sacrificing your health to enjoy them! Want to see what I have in my diffuser this fall?

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